About the exhibition

The Sorachi Coalmine Heritage Art Project 2014 (English ver.)

The Sorachi Coal Mining region which induced the industrialization of Hokkaido.
The Coal Collector which diffused the Coal, the Coal powered power plant, the electricity pylons who send the power,
We wish to connect the immense coal mining industry and let it revive by the power of art, which evokes the local pride of the “Coal Mining Heritage.”


During the holidays and weekends, from 23 August 2014 until 13 October 2014

【August】 23(Sat)・24(Sun)・30(Sat)・31(Sun)

【September】6(Sat)・7(Sun)・13(Sat)・14(Sun)・15(Mon,HOL)・20(Sat)・21(Sun)・23(Mon, HOL)・27(Sat )・28(Sun)

【October】4(Sat)・5(Sun)・11(Sat)・12(Sun)・13(Mon, HOL)

10:00am 〜5:00 pm(Last admission at 4:30 PM)


[Yūbari Shimizusawa]
The former Shimizusawa Thermal Power plant of the Hokutan Mining Company & The Shimizusawa slag heap & The Shimizusawa Station
(Yūbari City Shimizusawa Seieichō)

The coal bunker of the coal washery from the former Sumitomo Ponbetsu coal mine
(Mikasa City Ponbetsuchō)

[The Electricity Pylons of the Hokutan Powerline]
The power lines of the Hokutan Mining Company and disuse Stations(Asahi station, Tomatsu station)
(Yūbari City〜Iwamizawa City〜Mikasa City)

■Free entrance

■Participating artists

<Ponbetsu Site>
Okabe Masao・Katōno Satoshi・Nakatani Kōichi・Sakamaki Masami

<Yūbari Shimizusawa Site>
Hata Satoshi ・Kevin Gaffney・Ito Ryusuke・Ōguro Junichi・Kitagawa Akiyoshi・Watanabe Shunsuke・Students of the Sapporo City University・Graduated Students

<The Electricity Pylons &the stations and the surrounding coalmining infrastructure > Imamura Ikuko・Takahashi Kiyoshi・Katōno Satoshi・ Students of the Sapporo City University


Sapporo City University

■Joint sponsorship

The Hokkaido Coalmine Heritage Association NPO

■Sapporo International Art Festival 2014  Collaborative Program


The Hokkaido Coalmine Heritage Association NPO
The Sorachi Coal Mining Heritage Management Center
3 Nishi-4chome 1jo Iwamizawa City Hokkaido
10:30am 〜5:30 pm(Closed on Mon­ and Tuesdays)